CAW Signs and Print  is one of the oldest Signage companies in the Garden Route and has been in operation for more than 40 years.
We are always in the process of researching for the latest methods and equipment of signage production. Here are just some of our types of signage.
Large Format Outdoor Full Colour Signage
CAW Signs produces high quality full colour large format signage. All outdoor signage is produced from the highest quality materials with UV protection from the sun.
CAW Signs does both backlight signage and sign lit from the back.



Business Cards, Flyers, Logo Design, Invoice books, General Printing.

We offer a wide range of rubberstamps

Construction Site Site Boards
From Conceptualization till manufacture CAW Signs can design and manufacture site boards for architects, builders, construction companies ect.

Vinyl Cutting
Vinyl Cutting can be used for a number of different types of signage; vehicles, glass windows, Outdoor, Safety and more. Vinyl is one of the more economic means of producing high quality signage economically. With CAW Signs we will ensure the highest quality and standard for your buck.

Illuminated light box signage (Signbox)
Backlit signs for inside and outside buildings with aesthetic aluminum frames that are specially built for your sign. CAW Signs ca handle from the A-Z with in-house graphic designers and all manufacturing completed at CAW Signs to ensure the best quality and highest standard in sign making

Neon Signage
Create an impact for company by letting CAW Signs create art in light. Neon Lighting is a gas filled tube that creates a glowing effect. The tubing comes in many different colours. Neon is easily adapted to both indoors and outdoors. There is no better way to get the maximum impact for buck than having a Neon Sign in a public hotspot after dark.

Boxed 3D Perspex Signs
Perspex signs bent and constructed in our factory

Digital Printing
The sign industry has changed in the last decade with new mediums for manufacturing hat are both easier and more economical than comparative mediums. CAW Signs has stayed at the cutting edge of it’s industry by consistently investing in new and updated technology. Part of this investment was bringing on board a high quality wide format digital printer.CAW Signs takes a full colour digital design and prints it on a number of different mediums from Automobile Wrapping Vinyl to materials that will produe the highet quality in Billboard production.

Vehicle Signage and Graphics
With CAW Signs in-house graphic artists we can design, print and wrap your vehicles to create an impression and give your company a sharpened competitive edge in the market. CAW Signs also do stickers, decals and magnetic signs for vehicles, as well as specializing in graphics for Racing Cars, Emergency Vehicles, Delivery Vehicles, etc

A range of banner stands are avalaible. Call CAW Signs for a consult and we will ensure that you get what you want when want.Banners range from inexpensive banners on vinyl, to more expensive ones produced on canvass with decorative poles. Canvass and other materials are printed on our full colour digital printer, which means that halftone photos and pictures can be used. Canvass banners or other material banners of the highest quality can also be produced by using full colour digital printing.

Chromadek Signage
Chromadek is sheet metal covered with a white protective layer and is ideal for cheaper weather resistant signs

Shop displays and windows

Using a combination of clear vinyl digital printing or solid colour vinyl cutting we can ensure that highest quality shop window signage quickly and economically